Sales and Relationship Management are Not the Same Thing


There is a fundamental difference between selling and relationship management. To my surprise, I frequently come across Top Managers and Directors in organisations, large and small, who haven’t grasped that basic fundamental. Funny thing is, you can see from a mile off when this problem exists; skewed reward systems, poor structure lack of empowerment to name but a few.  To get the most from these separate and rewarding activities often calls for changed perceptions, and re-shaped businesses. Make no mistake; sales will flow from successful key relationships!

KAM danger for CEOs

CEOs in rapidly growing businesses can lose touch with Key Accounts. Either not ready to delegate KAM or occupied with other pressures, this can present a serious risk for the growing business. A new KAM function may approach relationships in a ways which can create relationship tensions and divisions. Why don’t businesses audit these important key relationships more frequently? After all they are valuable assets and need to be managed as such

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